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Established in the Year 2010, Truserve brings world class experience in Supply Chain Development and seamless Supply Chain Management Services.
Founded by Professionals with Vast experience in Foundry, Supply Chain Management, Sourcing and Engineering Services.
Truserve’s mission is to develop a competitive global supply base in India for customers who source components and engineering services of the highest quality and value.
We offer our customers a wide range of services and solutions. With the ideal mix of manufacturing capabilities in India and our experience in Supply chain, our sourcing services are involved in the entire product realization cycle.
We supply quality castings, forgings and machined components from our certified suppliers located across India.
Truserve manages the entire supply chain to ensure delivery of quality products on time. We serve as one point of contact for our customers. By delivering premium engineering support and responsible customer service, we eliminate the need for our customers to deal with suppliers.

Our Services are mainly to the following Industries...
  • Manufacturers of Ball / TMBV Valves, Gate / Globe/ Check Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Control Valves for Oil & Gas, LNG (Cryogenic), Industrial, Chemical, Process Industry applications.
  • Pump Manufacturers - Oil & Gas, Process, Agricultural Applications.
  • Boiler & Turbine Manufacturers
  • Farm Equipment's Manufacturers
  • Structural Hardware Industry
  • Global Sourcing Companies

Why Us?

  • Truserve experts offer a 360-degree view of the Supply Chain management system, from selection of Suppliers up to the Product delivery to ensure Effective functioning of Supply Chain.

  • Truserve manages the entire supply chain to ensure delivery of quality products on time.

  • Truserve links Indian Manufacturing expertise of Casting Products, Forgings, Precision Machined Components and the Customer Demand as closely as possible in order to reduce Costs, minimize Business Risk and to meet customer expectations of Supply Chain Performance at Lowest Price and High Quality.

  • Solutions for Customer's Most Challenging problems in Sourcing Intricate products with Most Critical requirements with our established Supply Chain.

  • We are specialized in establishing Long-term, Efficient Business Relationships viz a Responsive and Cost-Effective Supply Chain.

  • We work with customers on Cost Saving projects through Value Engineering and Innovation.

  • We are extremely sensitive to the confidential nature of Client Data and are committed to maintain the Trust of Our Customers.

  • We ensure product excellence by routinely Evaluating, Monitoring and Auditing our Strategic Partners and Suppliers for Continuous Improvement.

  • Our objective is to provide quality products and outstanding service to reduce the total cost of product sourced and ensuring compliance to quality with adherence to On-time Delivery.

  • Commitment to technical excellence.

  • Access to the latest and World’s best practices of Manufacturing Technologies.

  • Our Team and associates are familiar and experienced with Internationally followed quality standards Like ASTM, ASME, ANSI, DIN, EN, JIS, BSI, etc.

Quality Assurance

Reliable Quality Management System is critical to long term Outsourcing Projects. We have personnel with following qualifications & experience.

Our Quality Inspectors are Certified according to ASNT SNT TC – 1A & EN 473 PED - LEVEL – II for various ‘NDT – Non Destructive Testing of Materials’ like Radiography / X-ray, Ultrasonic Test, Liquid Die-Penetrant Examination, Magnetic Particle Inspection & Visual Inspection.

We do 100% witnessing of all Casting, Forging and Machined parts Quality Checks right from Incoming Raw Material till Final Inspection Including NDT tests i.e. LPI, MPI, RT, UT, Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspections, Packing, Quality Documentation, etc.

We are closely associated with ASNT / EN LEVEL – III Certified Inspectors for clarifications and guidance for specific requirements

We have several audited and approved Third Party Independent NABL accredited Test Labs for Customer specific requirements. These are important for Testing Qualification Samples, instead of sending this abroad to Customer Location or to test them at Vendor facility.

Existing approved Vendors have to undergo, continuous and rigorous oversight by way of Surveillance Audits, to maintain Quality levels established during Vendor Qualification stage. These Audits are surprise Audits carried out based on risk assessment due to Value and Volume spent, NCR Trends and criticality of Products.

Why India?

India..The New 'Global Valve Hub'

Over the Last 2 decades, Indian Valve and Pump Manufacturing industry and its Supply Chain have grown faster. Many Global Brands have chosen India for their Strategic Partnerships with Indian Suppliers for their Castings, Forgings, Precision Machined Components and High Quality accessories like Gaskets, Packings, etc.. Indian Supply Chain and its capabilities have grown to world class levels at Low cost which brings more and more opportunities for Global Valve & Pump Manufacturers to Source from India.

Many Global Valve Brands have established their Manufacturing Facilities in India to reduce their Manufacturing Costs and also to serve Indian Valve Market.

Right from raw materials like Castings & Forgings with High Precision Machining and Value added Processes like Overlay Welding, Cladding, Special Coatings and Paintings are established in India to meet World Class Quality levels.

India possess Highly Qualified, Experienced Young Work force to meet growing global demands.

Hence, India to be considered as the new opportunity for the Global Sourcing needs.

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